Pulled Turkey Burger by NEFF

METHOD Mix the spices, mustard, Worcester sauce, apple juice, maple syrup and rapeseed oil. Remove the skin from the meat and thoroughly rub the marinade into it. The meat can be left to marinate in the refrigerator overnight, if required. Wash the cranberries for the chutney and dab them dry. Finely dice the shallots. Quarter […]

Grilled Shrimp and Peach Salad by NEFF

METHOD Wash and drain the lettuce. Pit the peaches and cut them into slices. Meanwhile, heat up the griddle and brush with a little oil. Grill the peaches on both sides for about one minute per side. Put the peaches aside and then grill the prawns on the griddle. For the dressing, mix all the […]

Vegetable and Potato Chapati Bread

Vegetable chapati also known as paratha is One of the most popular Indian bread recipes from Punjab, India. “An Indian bread which is eaten for breakfast with spiced yogurts and pickle or served for a special dinner with any curry. To make the stuffing: First boil potatoes and vegetables. Mash the veg and potatoes with […]

Kevin Dundon’s Grilled Steak Sandwich

Kevin says…I love using Johnstonebeef.com produce. I am using them in the restaurant and at home through their online ordering system and the top quality of the Irish beef is always impressive. Preheat the barbecue to medium heat. In a saucepan, over on the barbecue (or prepared ahead on your cooker), place 1 tbsp. olive […]

Earl Grey Cranberry & Orange Tea Brack

Method Place sultanas, Cranberries, Mixed Peel and Tea in bowl and leave to soak overnight Add Sugar, Egg, Flour, Zest, Vanilla and Mixed Spice to a bowl and mix well. Transfer to a greased & lined t 900g/2lb loaf tin. Bake in a pre-heated oven 170°C for, one 50/55mins or until risen and firm to […]