Sunil Ghai

Multi award-winning chef Sunil Ghai, Owner chef pickle , Street Restaurant & Tiffinbysunil, was born in Gwalior in Northern India, and was influenced as much by the exceptional home cooking of his mother as he was by the rigorous experience of working with the French chefs of the world-famous 5-star Oberoi group for three years once […]

Susana Casanova

Owner and Chef Executive of La Clandestina Restaurant in Zaragoza, Aragón. We can define her cuisine as creative, imaginative, intuitive, and with an eye to details. Highly exigent and perfectionist, she always aims to get the best of each product and making the experience at her restaurant satisfying and fun. Her self-taught skills at the […]

Juan Santiago

A finalist at the S. Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 competition, and with experience in various destinations, Juan Santiago recalls his professional career to date:   “I don’t come from a family of restaurateurs, but I decided to get involved in cooking because I really enjoy good food. I began my training in the advanced catering […]

Guillermo Ramírez

Guillermo Ramírez tells the story of his professional career as he turned his restaurant Pícaro into one of the most successful entries in the Gran Canaria’s capital restaurant portfolio: “I studied cooking at the Hofmann School in Barcelona. When I finished my studies, I sent an email to the 30 best restaurants in the world […]

Alex San José Birnbaum

Alex studied at the International Cuisine School in Valladolid. He also worked in Dámaso and Llantén just before moving abroad to Mexico, where he got into the best restaurants in Latin America: Quintonil (Mexico City), Alcalde (Guadalajara) and Ixi’im (Mérida). Two years ago, just in the midst of the pandemic he moved back to his […]

Holly White

Holly White has been working as a broadcaster and journalist for over a decade here in Ireland. Having been vegan for 5 years and trained extensively with some of the best vegan chefs in the world she is all about injecting flavour into vegan food whilst keeping it quick and practical to prepare. She is […]

Erica Drum

Erica Drum is a TV and virtual Chef, cookery tutor, food stylist and supper club host. Erica has worked in the hospitality industry for 20 years. Her ability to explain and teach culinary skill, flavour, taste, and individuality is encouraging and bright. She absolutely adores feeding people delicious flavourful food, over the pandemic this changed […]

Edward Hayden

Edward Hayden is a chef and food writer and is very well-known to audiences from his weekly cookery slots on Virgin Media’s Ireland AM. He also presents a weekly radio show, ‘The Saturday Show with Edward Hayden’, every Saturday morning on KCLR96fm. Edward works as a culinary lecturer in Waterford Institute of Technology. He also […]

Derry Clarke

Chef, Author, TV and Radio Broadcaster and Columnist Derry Clarke has been Chef and Patron of l’Ecrivain for over 25 years.    He started his career in The Man Friday in Kinsale under Peter Barry in 1972 and moved to Dublin in 1977. He then spent four years in Le Coq Hardi and a further […]