Vegetable and Potato Chapati Bread

Vegetable chapati also known as paratha is One of the most popular Indian bread recipes from Punjab, India. “An Indian bread which is eaten for breakfast with spiced yogurts and pickle or served for a special dinner with any curry. To make the stuffing: First boil potatoes and vegetables. Mash the veg and potatoes with […]

Cumin and Turmeric Baby Potatoes

1. Steam the baby potatoes until tender. allow to cool slightly 2. Cut the baby potatoes in half or any size you prefer. 3. Heat ghee/clarified butter in a non stick pan. add cumin seeds and allow to splutter. 4. Add the turmeric powder, mix and quickly add the potatoes after. 5. Stir fry the […]

Aloo Keema Potato and Mince Lamb Curry

Aloo Keema is a popular Pakistani & North Indian dish consisting of curried, minced meat (keema) and potatoes (aloo). This classic combo is deeply flavorful, comforting that you need to try! Add olive oil into a heavy based pan over medium heat. Add cumin and mustard seeds and cook until the mustard seeds begin to […]