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O’Hara’s Brewery, owned and run by the O’Hara family, is an Irish Craft Brewery established in 1996, with the brewery being one of the pioneers of Irish craft brewing. Located in the heart of Ireland’s traditional malt-growing “Barrow Valley” region, that has strong historical links to the Irish brewing industry, the company has been at the forefront of Irish craft brewing for over 25 years.

O’Hara’s craft brew traditional Irish beers and their own interpretation of international beer styles, including stouts, ales, IPA’s, wheat beers, lagers, and seasonal brews, all carrying the brewery founder’s family name. Each beer is crafted using classic brewing methods to create the traditional Irish beers styles that have long since been forgotten by many of the larger breweries. They use just four main ingredients; water, malts, hops, and yeast to produce the highest quality craft beer range.

The hard work and determination shown by the O’Hara’s team has been rewarded with the honour of some of their of beers having won awards, including the multiple award-winning O’Hara’s Irish Stout, Irish Pale Ale and Irish Red Ale. These accolades spurred the brewing team on to create even more diverse styles including but not limited to 51st State IPA, O’Hara’s Session IPA, White Haze IPA, and the Hop Adventure series of Single Hop IPA’s.

Last year marked the 25th birthday of O’Hara’s Brewery making it one of the longest running craft breweries in Ireland. Showing no signs of slowing down, they successfully installed a new canning line, which allowed the brewery to launch the first of their Nitro range in can with the release of their Irish Stout Nitro and Irish Red Nitro in 2021. This release allowed the team at the Carlow based brewery to fulfil a long-standing ambition.

The brewery led by the O’Hara family are proud to be keeping the tradition of brewing alive in Carlow, while also playing their part in leaving a lasting legacy of their own on brewing in Ireland 






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