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Matcha by London Essence

METHOD Build over block ice​ Garnish with Chocolate Matcha Truffle​ Perfect to pair with Chocolate Tart​ RECIPE INFORMATION Taste: Refreshing & Zesty  INGREDIENTS 20 ml White Vermouth​ 5 ml Green Chartreuse​ 5 ml Premium Gin​ 5 ml Lime juice​ Top up with London Essence Spiced Ginger Beer   MORE RECIPES Select…APERITIVOBAKINGDESSERTDINNER PARTYNIGHT INSNACK

No Loma by London Essence

METHOD Shake and pour over ice​ Garnish with Pink Grapefruit Zest​ RECIPE INFORMATION Taste: Sweet & Refreshing INGREDIENTS 50ml Pink Grapefruit juice​ 15ml Agave​ 15ml lime juice​ ​Top with London Essence Pink Grapefruit Soda   MORE RECIPES Select…APERITIVOBAKINGDESSERTDINNER PARTYNIGHT INSNACK

Tia Maria Espresso Martini

The Tia Espresso Martini has been the classic evening pick-me-up since its creation in the 1980s. It’s as delicious today as it always has been. Check out for more cocktail inspiration. RECIPE INFORMATION Taste: Indulgent & Creamy INGREDIENTS 25 ml Tia Maria Cold Brew 25 ml Vodka 1 Espresso Coffee 3 coffee beans to […]

Sous Vide Flank Steak by Miele

METHOD For the flank steak Season the flank steak with salt and pepper, place in a vacuum bag and in the Miele sous vide vacuum drawer. Vaccum pack on setting 3. Place the flank steak in a steam oven and steam on 54°C for 4 hours.   For the yoghurt flatbreads Sieve together the dry […]

Canarian Pork Sandwich by Chef Alejandro Mederos of Tasting Spain

METHOD We cut the pork and put it in vacuum bags. We cook it at 100 degrees for 6 hours. We take it out of the bag, shred it and season it with soy and cane honey. Let it cool. We make an aioli with mayonnaise, garlic, and cilantro and set it aside. The red […]






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